The team at Slipstream launched our online real estate product last week. We call it Powerhouse.

Powerhouse is aimed at the small to medium sized independent real estate company that need a cost effective yet modern listing management solution for their business. The beauty about Powerhouse is that it is built using the latest open source technologies and automatically feeds all listings through to Trademe Property and Real Estate NZ. Powerhouse is a completely mobile responsive, elegant solution that will get your real estate business online and being found quickly.

After discussions with business owners in the industry we found that existing technologies in this segment of the market were somewhat neglected. Powerhouse aims to fill this gap by providing a simple, clean, generic solution that does the basics well. The basics are:

• Manage and distribute listings in one place;

• Provide a simple modern user interface in the content management system to ensure uploading and editing listings is a simple admin task;

• Take advantage of modern HTML and CSS standards to provide a beautiful and mobile responsive site for your customers.


We’ve aimed to not get bogged down in features that diverge from the basics mentioned above.


In addition to this, the system is designed to scale from the start. There is one time setup fee that covers implementation of your brand and some customisation if required. Additionally, one monthly hosting and maintenance fee covers a secure and isolated hosting environment that allows for scale. For this you get:

• Unlimited listings;

• Unlimited agents;

• Unlimited users;

• Unlimited support for the lifetime of the product.

See, we keep things simple! All you need is a modern web browser and you’re good to go.

Each site is hosted on it’s own secure virtual server so as your business grows, Powerhouse grows with you. We simply add additional space or processing power to your server instantly. No problems.

To find out more, please visit our Powerhouse page.