To compete online in this modern day environment you can’t get away with simply looking good. Your website, software, app or service needs to work hard too. The list below outlines some of Powerhouse’s more notable core advantages.


Modern SAAS

Powerhouse is a very modern SAAS (software as a service) product. No onsite installation of software is required and Powerhouse syncs listings with Trademe Property and Real Estate NZ. You only have to enter your listings via the Powerhouse CMS (Content Management System) and the system manages the rest. The listings will first appear on your site looking beautiful on any device. Minutes later they will appear on Trade Property and twice daily they are uploaded to Real Estate NZ.


Mobile Responsive

The Powerhouse engine is a beautiful modern mobile responsive site that really sells your brand and listing portfolio. With mobile internet traffic forecast to make up 75% of all internet traffic in 2017 [1], it is crucial your site is ready for this shift. With Powerhouse as your listing engine, you will be.

Mobile considerations don’t just apply to the front end. The CMS is fully responsive. If you’re out and about and want to modify a listing in anyway on your phone or tablet; Powerhouse makes it possible. No custom apps or tricks; just use the device’s web browser and you’re away.


Relevant search

Client facing front end: Easy intuitive search that returns listing results on specific or general search criteria for your listed properties. User expectation for search is high so we ensure they find what they need when browsing your Powerhouse powered site. Results are fast and relevant.

All of your listings are on Trademe and Real Estate NZ so your portfolio instantly benefits from their high market profile and search technologies.


Back end search in the CMS: The more listings you have, the more important it is that your admin staff are able to find and update listed properties. Simply enter the start of an address or listing number and you’ll find what you need.


Robust information validation

The API’s for Trademe Property and Real Estate NZ have hundreds of specific information requirements in order for your listing to push successfully. Powerhouse lets you know if you’ve missed anything before it lets you publish a listing.


Modern Web standards

Powerhouse incorporates the latest in web standards to deliver to you a beautiful customised site that enhances your online presence. It’s the only WordPress based real estate product of it’s kind in New Zealand.


Security and back up

Each Powerhouse instance is hosted on it’s own virtual server and backed up regularly. We monitor every bit of traffic to and from the server so it is harder for anyone to attack your site without it going un-noticed. If the worst happens, we simply spin up a new droplet (dedicated virtual server) and your old site will be up and running within minutes.


Every domain that Powerhouse is hosted on is managed through a Content Distribution Network and malware monitoring service. This ensures snappy site performance anywhere around the globe and the latest in malware detection and protection on offer.


WordPress codebase

The best thing about building upon WordPress is that your site will not date. WordPress is the dominant CMS platform and benefits from an active community of over 200 million users. This makes it easy to take advantage of emerging web technologies and constantly be on the leading edge. As things change, incremental updates will ensure your site will be relevant in the market for years to come.


Ongoing Support

The team at Slipstream have been developing Powerhouse for a long time so we know the software inside and out. We offer personal, phone and/or email support direct from our offices in Christchurch. We can help with any questions no matter how simple or technical Monday–Friday 9am–5pm.


Super simple pricing

You pay for brand implementation into the Powerhouse theme and a per agent monthly access fee. That’s it! We take care of the rest leaving you to do what you do best; sell properties! Click here for pricing information.


Simple setup

All you need is a computer or mobile device with a modern web browser and an internet connection. Seriously! From there our team remotely set up and install all you need to be up and running in no time.