As times change, so do styles and best practices for websites.

Back in 2013 when first created, the world wide web was a very different place. Tables and static content were the norm and images were kept small to accommodate for slow internet.  Nowadays anything is possible with high-quality HTML, creative CSS, and reliable fast internet.

But credit where credit is due, the original design of this site had number of design fundamentals locked in. The smooth light-tan colour reflected the business and relaxing tones perfectly. The brand was well defined, and hierarchy of content was considered.

The new site builds upon these fundamentals and massages them into a modern and inviting place to browse. The introduction of a welcome page helps set the tone of the site, keeping things calm and relaxed. All high-use content is always accessible, and the implementation of some large high-quality photography (courtesy of Landlife Images) really helps bring a personal element forward.

Behind the scenes things have had a massive overhaul too. The entire site is now built on the WordPress CMS which makes updates to the site and blog incredibly easy to do. Automatic publishing to Facebook, and easy WYSIWYG editors all are part of the experience.  Javascript and CSS come to the party to help make the transitions through the front-end work smoothly, building in those crucial micro-actions. And the whole site is now of course responsive. It will view beautifully no matter what screen it’s viewed on.

Check out here.