WooCommerce has become an industry leading open source ecommerce platform. It strengths are in its ability to be customised and integrated into WordPress. Additionally, there is a rich community of plugin developers that enhance Woo Commerece’s feature set for things like local payment gateways, integration with third party databases and much more. The adoption rate speaks for itself:

  • Downloaded over 15 million times [1]
  • Powers 37% of e-commerce sites globally [1][2]
  • Hundreds of extensions specific to New Zealand and Australia that serve to increase store functionality [3][4]


NZ specific payment gateway integration:


WooCommerce is the dominant WordPress ecommerce solution. With over 7 million downloads and counting WooCommerce now powers more than 30% of all online stores. [10]


Core features


Built for WordPress – Woo commerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress. The benefits of this tight integration is the ability to quickly develop an online store and expand its functionality and scale to meet future demands.


Slipstream’s development team can customise every aspect of the store so your website and branding are maintained throughout the store. See a Slipstream designed custom WooCommerce implementation here. [11]


Scalability – the bigger you get, WooCommerce and the Slipstream team will be with you all the way.


Security – WooCommerce is audited by Sucuri.[12] This ensures WordPress best practice and coding standards are followed.


Worldwide community – with over 350 contributors and 15 million downloads, WooCommerce is one of the fastest open source communities on the web.


Extension marketplace – WooCommerce integrates with over 300 free and paid extensions that enable the Slipstream team to enhance and extend your store functionality during or after the initial build. Take a look at the WooThemes WooCommerce [13] extension store and Extensions Works WooCommerce [14] extension store.


Mobile responsive – e-commerce via mobile device has seen a significant increase in popularity in the last two years. Over 51% of digital media now being viewed on a mobile device, online shopping via mobile device has increased by more than 80% across many industries. In addition to this, mobile device is the media consumption platform of choice outside work hours.[15] Therefore it makes sense that your ecommerce solution is optimised for the mobile environment. Look no further than a Slipstream Creative WooCommerce implementation.


WooCommerce iOS app – Analyse your shop’s performance while on the go. Filter daily, weekly or monthly sales stats, check stock levels or manage multiple stores. You name it, you can do it on the go with WooCommerce for iOS.[16]


WooCommerce technical advantages:


REST – WooCommerce has a fully functional REST API [17] built in. This allows services such as mobile app’s and accounting software to communicate with WooCommerce. The Slipstream team with Woocommerce and WordPress can build custom integrations that allow data to be pushed and pulled to external systems thereby allowing true data syncing across multiple systems within your business.

Webhook system – Web hooks are used to trigger events when something happens. If you modify a product for example a web hook can be called which pushes the update in real time to another system. In essence, you no longer have to poll the server for the data, it is pushed when something changes. This enhances extensibility of WooCommerce allowing third party apps to integrate with the system.[18][19]


Custom AJAX endpoints –  AJAX functionality allows us to update data on the page without the need to refresh the entire page from the server. For example, updating items in the shopping cart. This allows for a smoother, cleaner and ultimately more customisable experience for the user.

The Slipstream team have the design and development chops to implement this in a beautiful way so your customers are left with that good feeling inside when they’ve just had a great online shopping experience.[18]


Slipstream Creative specializes in beautifully designed WordPress sites with custom WooCommerce implementations. If you want a beautiful and seamless e-commerce experience for your customers, look no further than Slipstream Creative.



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