The Creative Design Studio

With a creative graphic design focus, we pour our talent into three key disciplines.

Instead of doing everything, we pride ourselves on doing a few things well. Creating company logos and brands, effective graphic design and advertising, and holistic online solutions.


At the core of everything we do is pure, hand on heart, great graphic design. When design is thoughtful, creative, purposeful, and well executed, it just works; viewers and users should simply ‘get it’.

Our design philosophy revolves around the user/client. Ultimately we are commissioned to create something that you love. You may not know what you love, so it is our job to help you figure that out and create a perfect creative solution that works for you.
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We had an epiphany at Slipstream. We think the internet is going to be big! We really think it’s here to stay. So we thought we had better take our years of creative talent and unleash it on the digital realm.

We’ve opened Pandora’s box; there’s no going back. Modern web standards allow us to be truly creative with website design.
Talking stops, looking begins.
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The aim of brand development is simple in theory: ‘promote your core values’. However, communicating this in practice is more complex than you’d think.
A brand tells a story; your story. And it’s a special one. In the eyes of the customer your products, services and culture combine to tell that story.

And to tell the story you need awesome graphic design. Boundary pushing, creative work executed by honest, down to earth, talented individuals.

Your story is safe with us.
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